Wash your hair plastic-free with these shampoos

The transition from plastic-bottled shampoo to plastic-free shampoo was such a natural, easy one that I almost forgot to tell you about it. I would like to share my story anyway. So you too can wash your hair plastic-free with these shampoos! 

I bought my first shampoo block so long ago that I can’t remember why I did it. Shampoo blocks have so many advantages. They smell good without having to open the bottle, they are pretty, they are handy to take with you… and above all, you don’t need plastic! I started with shampoo blocks from Lush. I also tested one from the Lamazuma brand and now I’m loving the HappySoaps blocks. 

Wash your hair plastic-free with these shampoos: the first shampoo block 

The choice of shampoo blocks is huge. There are many different scents and colours. Thankfully, most brands cater for different hair textures and dryness. There are shampoo blocks for coloured hair, for grey hair, for very brittle hair… Everyone can easily find one that suits them. I have a lot of long hair, but it is very thin. My hair gets greasy easily so I needed to find a soft block that could still degrease my hair. When you go to a shop (as opposed to a web shop) you can ask for help in the shop and they can recommend something. Of course, it is always a matter of testing and finding out for yourself what suits you. 


At first, I went to the shop and asked for advice, but after a few blocks I wanted to test other brands. The shampoo block I had from Lamazuna was a bad bargain for me. At the time, I was taking medication that had the side effect of stopping my hair from becoming greasy. However, I only used this block after I stopped taking it. So I don’t have to explain that this block for dry hair was not very useful on my absolutely not dry hair. After washing my hair, I had the feeling that my hair had become even greasier.  

Although I knew that this block was not really for me, I tried it anyway. Every time, I had the feeling that my hair was not clean, so I stopped using it. I will definitely test other blocks from this brand. I will keep you posted about it! 

Happy Soaps 

Then I switched to shampoo blocks online. I came across Happy Soaps and, unlike Lush, they were much cheaper. The downside, the shipping costs made the price difference less. Luckily, they offer free shipping from a certain amount. I have friends and family who also like to use shampoo blocks. We always order together and so the shipping is dropped.  

A shampoo block lasts about as long as 3 bottles of shampoo. Since a block of shampoo costs 8 euros here, you would have to buy very cheap bottles of shampoo to save money. The purchase price of plastic-free shampoo may be higher, but in the long run you save rather than lose. Besides, you’ll need fewer bin bags!