NUUD after 18 months

Meanwhile, I am an avid user of this natural deodorant. I cannot say that it was without doubt, but I would not want to use anything else. 

The first half year I had a real love-hate relationship with NUUD. They warn you of an addiction period for all the chemicals in other deodorants. Like everyone else, I thought it would not be that bad. I often missed a fresh smell and was often afraid that I did not smell good. To overcome this period, I decided to get a block of natural, fragrant deo. The combination of these two products got me through this period. 

Since I switched to this deo, I also went to Vietnam for 3 months. In this very hot, humid environment I also only used NUUD. Here I never had the feeling that I would benefit more from classic deo. 

How much does it cost now 

NUUD itself says that you can get by for about 6 to 7 weeks with a tube of deo. This amounts to about 40 euros per half year. However, I have found that I last at least four to five months (depending on the season) with one tube! This means that in all this time, I have only used 4 complete tubes and have only spent 50 euros on this deo after one and a half years. I also bought a block of deo at LUSH for just under 10 euros. However, I only use it in the summer, so after more than a year I still haven’t used half of it. 

In terms of purchase price, these deodorants seem to be a big chunk of your budget, but after a trial period of more than a year, I have come to the conclusion that it is not much more expensive than buying deodorants elsewhere. Plus… a healthy body is priceless.  

NUUD, the carefree deodorant

One of my very first acquisitions: ecological carefree deodorant. 

This carefree deodorant is harmless both to your body and to nature.  

First of all – and certainly not unimportant – it is packaged in unbleached biodegradable FSC certified cardboard. The tube itself looks like ordinary plastic. However, this appears to be made of fully recyclable sugar cane (if only they would replace all plastic packaging with this?!).  

A big disadvantage, however, is that it can only be ordered online, which means you have to add transport to the bill. Nuud, however, promises that every shipment will be sent in a CO2-neutral way.  

The product itself contains absolutely no harmful products, according to its makers. Nuud tackles the cause of bad odours without making your body unable to perspire properly. 

Besides all this, it is supposed to be a very durable product (which is definitely a must for my budget). I paid €24.95 for the duo pack and one tube should last me 6-7 weeks. They recommend a pea-sized amount per armpit and only once every 2 to 6 days. 

I am very curious and promise to keep you informed!